Everything you see here are the programs I did either by the books I read, the tutorials I did, or most importantly, my own hard coded programs & web applications.

The Homepage of a GitHub Bookmarker Project
GitHub Bookmarker

The purpose of this program was to learn how to build a FullStack React and Python App. Developed with ReactJs, Python, Flask with Okta and GitHub's API, Marshmallow, PyMongo, FlaskCors.

An Ecommerce Shop Built on ReactJS
A Realtime ToDo app with Flask

CRUD app is a simple realtime to-do list app that can find use in distributed teams, for example to manage their deliverables.

An Example of a Hotel Website Built in Django built by Icen Reyes.
Hotel Website in Django

The objective is to build a hotel website using Django. Feel free to send a message for the source code!

An Example of how to mine data from Craigslist using Python
Mining Jobs on Craigslist

To Practice Data Mining using Python Pandas, Python Beautiful Soup 4 & Python Requests.

The Home Page of Transportation Essentials built by Icen Reyes
Niche Affiliate Website

The objective is to build an affiliate niche website for transportation business needs.

The Homepage of Icen Reyes built on WordPress
A WordPress Demo Site

The purpose of this website was to be a training ground for my WordPress Development Skill. I also use this to blog about my softwares.

A tweet from highcenburg using his Twitter Bot
Twitter Bot

The purpose of this program was to automate the jokes I have been posting on my facebook account thru twitter.

A Website for Soul Heist, built by Icen Reyes
Musicians Landing Page

To build a Landing Page for marketing a musicians release.

The Homepage of BigBoy Shawarma PH
Bigboy's Shawarma

To build a website for a Middle Eastern Inspired Food Stall with Flask on the Backend.