Everything you see here are the programs I did either by the books I read, the tutorials I did, or most importantly, my own hard coded programs & web applications.

The Home Of Productivity Hackers
The Productive Project

The purpose of this website is to be a blogging platform that won't use the bait-and-switch algorithm.

An Ecommerce Shop Built on ReactJS
A GitHub Bookmarker

The purpose of this program was to learn how to build a FullStack React and Python App. Developed with ReactJs, Python, Flask with Okta and GitHub's API, Marshmallow, PyMongo, FlaskCors.

An Example of a Hotel Website Built in Django built by Icen Reyes.
Real Estate Website

The objective is to build a hotel website using Django. Feel free to send a message for the source code!

An Example of how to mine data from Craigslist using Python
Mining Jobs on Craigslist

To Practice Data Mining using Python Pandas, Python Beautiful Soup 4 & Python Requests.

The Affiliate Page of Rave For Good Built by Vicente G. Reyes who is a Freelance Web Developer
Affiliate Website: Rave For Good

The objective is to build an affiliate page from designed in PDF and to be built in WordPress.

The Homepage of Icen Reyes built on WordPress
A WordPress Demo Site

The purpose of this website was to be a training ground for my WordPress Development Skill. I also use this to blog about my softwares.

A tweet from highcenburg using his Twitter Bot
Twitter Bot

The purpose of this program was to automate the jokes I have been posting on my facebook account thru twitter.

A Website for Soul Heist, built by Icen Reyes
Musicians Landing Page

To build a Landing Page for marketing a musicians release.

ToDo List by Vicente G. Reyes
ToDo List

To build a website for a ToDo list in Flask, Connect to Postgres and deploy to Heroku.