About 24 hours ago, I posted an article Git for Amateurs. The article was about my learning for the day from my mentor, whom taught me the everyday git commands developers use while working. You could check it here if you wish to.

Dev is a community of 180k developers on different years of experiences. Medium on the other hand, has a whole lot more.


I thought of posting this comparison to help you, wether you write for youself, a freelance writer, or a company writer, decide why you should write on dev.

The engagement on Dev.to are:


While on medium:


Another factor to look at is the price. Dev.to is open source and is free. While on medium, you can read 5 articles a month on their free plan,

You be the judge. I got more than 900 views, 40+ reactions and a comment in 24 hours with only 750 followers. I also gained 77 followers as of writing.


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